Materials and Time

The purpose of this research blog is to engage humanities and social sciences scholars in a dialogue with material scientists in order to better characterize the hybrid life of materials as natural entities and social or economic agents.

We aim to build a collaborative interdisciplinary research network focused on humans’ interactions and interdependencies with materials today and in the long-duration history.

We are creating an anthology that gathers the contributions of scholars from a wide spectrum of research fields who are exploring the temporalities of material, each from their own perspective. The project will explore topics such as:

        • lifetimes, lifecycles, use, trajectories, persistence, endurance, ageing
        • depletion, peaks, criticality, erosion, alteration, degradation, conservation
        • re-use, remaining, recycling, returns, inheritances, rivalries, substitution
        • birthdays and anniversaries, death, decline, rebirth
        • genealogies, time travel
        • ephemerality, regimes of temporality, mimetism
        • ages, epochs
        • chronomarkers, signatures, records and measurements.

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